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New Construction Phase Inspections

Bayside Home Inspections, LLC provides inspections at three key phases of the new home building process. This includes the footing and foundation phase, framing (pre-drywall) phase and a final inspection before the builder walk through.


At each phase, we will identify issues that may present costly repairs or safety issues down the road. In addition, these inspections give you a third-party and impartial evaluation of the new home you are having built.


Phase 1: Footing and Foundation Inspection

At phase 1, the Home Inspector will be looking for the approved building plans so we are able to accurately identify that your home is being constructed to building plan specifications.  The Home Inspector will then inspect the footings of the foundation, prior to the pouring of concrete, and look at the reinforcement and compaction methods to ensure proper application. 

An example of a problem in this phase could include footing preparation that is not compacted correctly which could cause settlement issues and unwanted movement down the road.

Phase 2: Framing (Predrywall) Inspection 

This phase occurs prior to the builder installing the insulation and drywall. In this inspection, the Home Inspector will look at the plumbing, electrical wiring, duct installations, and also the roof structure and surface. The Home Inspector will also look at the structural framing. 


At this phase, the Home Inspector is looking for problems such as:

  • Unbolted sill plates

  • Over spanned members

  • Inadequate roof supports

  • Under built bearing walls

  • Improper notching and boring

  • Severed plates

  • Damaged joists

  • Improper fire stops

Phase 3: Final Inspection Before Walk Through with Builder

This inspection is similar to a general home inspection which provides an extensive and detailed final inspection of the home.


Below are examples of some of the areas the Home Inspector will focus on, to include:

  • Drywall finish

  • Trim work

  • Paint work

  • Floor coverings

  • Grounds, drainage and grading issues

  • HVAC issues

  • Electrical problems

  • Plumbing issues

  • Inoperative systems or not properly installed (e.g., major mechanical systems installed improperly).

  • Junction boxes issues (e.g.,  open junction boxes)

  • Safety hazards (e.g., missing cover plates)



Bayside Home Inspections, LLC provides an 11-Month Builder -Warranty Inspection prior to warranties expiring on new homes.


For pricing on any of the phase inspections, please call (302) 500-0130. Pricing will depend on the square footage of your home and number of phased inspections you request. 

ASHI Predrywall inspector.png

Should you have an inspection on your new home being built?

Houses are being built faster than ever.This makes it very important for "new build" buyers to have the work inspected at critical phases.


Buildings must be constructed according to local, state, and federal codes, all of which mandate the minimum standards for habitability. Meeting the minimum standards however, does not ensure quality, because the "code" does not address "finish."


The quality of the work will depend on the job foreman and the crews that work on the project. 

Good Crew...well finished home

Bad Crew...poor construction

It is often too late to discover problems that may come back to haunt you, once the framing has been covered with insulation and drywall.


Safeguard your investment with an independent inspection. 

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