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Termite Inspections and

Other Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

A wood destroying insect inspection is a visual inspection to determine the presence or absence of visual evidence of wood destroying insects. Wood-destroying insects include termites, carpenter ants, bark beetles and woodborers, and powderpost beetles.  


This inspection will also point out potential issues that could be considered conducive to the existence of wood destroying insects.

Bayside Home Inspections, LLC is certified through the Delaware Department of Agriculture to provide wood destroying insect inspections and inspect for wood destroying damage and visible evidence of wood destroying insects.

The inspection will document whether or not live insects are observed or dead insects, insect parts, frass, shelter tubes, exit holes, or staining. 

Visible damage from wood destroying insects will also be documented, as well as visible signs of previous or ongoing treatment(s). 

This inspection is at an additional charge and is an additional service to a residential home inspection. An email copy of the wood destroying insect inspection report will be provided to you. Hard copies of this report are provided at no extra charge.



  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection in Conjunction with a Home Inspection $100.00.

  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection stand alone $150.00.

To schedule a wood destroying insect inspection please call (302) 500-0130.

State of Delaware

Department of Agriculture

Certified Applicator 

Certification Number 18-307

Commercial (7B)

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