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Water Sampling and Analysis

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:


Drinking water comes from a variety of sources including public water systemsprivate wells, or bottled water. Ensuring safe and healthy drinking water may be as simple as turning on the tap from an EPA-regulated public water system. Other water sources may need a water filter, a check on water fluoridation, or an inspection to ensure a septic tank is not too close to a private well. It is important to know where drinking water comes from, how it’s been treated, and if it’s safe to drink.

Bayside Home Inspections, LLC is certified to provide Water Sampling through the Delaware Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health, Office of Drinking Water.

This service includes water samples taken at the home inspection location and brought to a professional laboratory for analysis and testing. The analyses and testing can take on average 3-5 business days, depending on the level of testing requested.


When the analysis and testing is completed, an in-depth report on the quality of the water will be provided to you. An email copy of this will be sent to you. Hard copies of this report are provided at no extra charge.


  • This is an additional service. Pricing is dependent upon the extent of the lab testing desired and can range from $185 to $350. 


To schedule water sampling and analysis please call (302) 500-0130.

Delaware Health and Social Services

Division of Public Health

Office of Drinking Water

Sampler/Tester ID #AST1915

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