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Winter Home Inspections

Are you buying a house this winter and are searching for a home inspector? It is important that whomever you choose for your home inspection needs understand the issues colder weather brings to a home. Recognizing items at risk and properly assessing a home and systems from freeze damage is essential in evaluating how a seller has cared for the home you are interested in buying. Performing a home inspection during winter months has benefits in opportunities to see things that may be difficult to evaluate during warmer temperatures (eg., exposed or unprotected water lines). In addition, areas such as the foundation, sump pump, exterior paint, mortar, chimney and chimney flashing are impacted differently in freezing temperatures versus warmer weather.

A qualified home inspector knows what to look for during winter home inspections from exterior to interior issues in a home. Paying particular attention to the impact cold weather has on a home requires a knowledgeable and detailed-oriented home inspector.

Bayside Home Inspections, LLC has this expertise and understands the unique issues cold weather brings to home in evaluating it.

Please feel free to us to discuss your home inspection needs this winter. We are happy to go over the home inspection process with you.


Joe Cusumano, Owner

Bayside Home Inspections, LLC

(302) 500-0130

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